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I'm only going to do and say this once... (From Facebook)

I'm soo Austin that I've been on every Hip Hop radio station from the beginning: 88.7, 104.3, 93.3, 104.3 (again), 93.3(again), 104.9, 105.9, 102.3, DJ for Bobby Bones (96.7) and Currently on Latino 102.7. Every Austinite owned at least one of my 51 mix CDs. If you didn't you went to one of my Teen nights at: Yoyo's, Kaos, Cocktails, Club Moon, Club 2000, Basement, Whut It Dew or Spiros. Then you grew up to follow me at: Element, Co op, Shadow Lounge, Paradox, Planeta, The Ranch and too many others too name. I opened up for biggest music acts: Again, too many to name! My Favorites: Spm, Elton John, 112, Frankie J, Pitbull, Lil Jon and Deepside. As you drank, danced and sung along with your Hip Hop, R&B, Old School, Texas, Freestyle, Top 40 favorites. It's important to know: Every song I play(ed) brings back some kinda memory. Sometimes good and sometimes bad. Every mix I've done tells a story. Sometimes happy and sometimes sad. We've lost some friends along the way but continue to move on and make new ones in a city that continues to grow. I've NEVER kept it weird, I kept it REAL. So again as a reminder: I'm soo Austin that I ask, Why hasn't our city put my statue on town lake? Haha (Don't wait till I'm dead) ;) Thank You Austin for such wonderful memories......

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